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Our fave jewelry expert provides details on Kate Hudson’s engagement ring.

9:31AM Apr 28 |

Wow! NBA player Antwan Jamison just sent us this pic where he’s wearing his ELYSEE watch, style 28413, price $450

7:15AM Apr 26 |

Colin Cunningham from TNT’s upcoming show Falling Skies wears his ELYSEE watch, style 80459, price $495

4:24PM Apr 25 |

Tyler Blackburn from “Pretty Little Liars” just sent us this pic of him wearing his new ELYSEE watch

1:53PM Apr 12 |

“True Blood” actress Natasha Alam sent us this pic where she’s sporting her new ELYSEE watch, style 13232, retail $395

1:37PM Apr 12 |

Disney actress Janelle Ortiz wearing her ELYSEE watch while promoting PROM over the weekend, style 28408, retail $395

9:02AM Apr 12 |

Hayden Panettiere looks stunning in platinum earrings with diamond drops from Philip Press at the Scream 4 premiere tonight!

7:58PM Apr 11 |

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