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Thank you Genelle Brooks for snapping these pics of the gorgeous Estelle wearing Michael M. jewelry to ESPY events!

12:21AM Jul 14 | gives their readers an exclusive discount on ELYSEE watches!

7:55AM Jul 4 |

Dallas Mavericks champ Brendan Haywood just received his ELYSEE watch…

9:25PM Jul 3 |

Watch Journal featured ELYSEE in their August issue. Check it out!

1:43PM Jun 30 |

Our jewelry expert provides details on Julie Benz’s platinum engagement ring from Kwiat
Check out the photo!

6:53AM Jun 29 |

Our jewelry expert Michael O’Connor answers your questions about wedding jewelry on Celebrity Bride Guide

8:19AM Jun 27 |

The awesome @JoeyLawrence sent us this pic of himself wearing his new ELYSEE watch!

3:43PM Jun 20 |

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