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Behind-the-scenes pic from the awards ceremony in Vegas tonight.

6:27PM Jun 3 |

And we heart them for this post about the stylish brand

9:11AM May 30 |

Our jewelry expert dishes to about Keira’s classic ring style

10:06AM May 29 |

Perfect for Fashion Friday. Great video too!

8:55AM May 25 |

Celeb stylist Anya Sarre picked a hand-crafted ring from Michael M. as the perfect accessory for a summer winery wedding

2:18PM May 23 |

Tia chose earrings with fancy rustic diamonds, and several white diamond bangles

11:09AM May 23 |

Supermodel Miranda Kerr wears a double flower ring with black and white diamonds by Michael M. in the current issue of Haute Muse magazine

2:53PM May 22 |

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