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3:19PM Feb 13 |

Emma Stone, Lena Dunham, Nicole Kidman, and Scarlett Johansson were a few of the leading ladies wearing platinum jewelry on the red carpet this past week!

8:29AM Feb 13 |

Zuri Hall from E! News, Adrienne Moore from Orange is the New Black, Elspeth Keller Scott with Reid Scott from Veep, and Saniyya Sidney from Fences and Hidden Figures

Photo credit: Getty Images

10:23PM Jan 29 |

A few of the leading ladies wearing platinum jewelry to the Screen Actors Guild Awards tonight! Kerry Washington, Natalie Portman, and Emmy Stone…

Photo credit: Instar Images

10:19PM Jan 29 |

Love THIS post!

10:46AM Jan 25 |
 Spring 2017 Accessories: Tinted Lenses in Every Shade
2:19PM Jan 19 |

Nick is wearing the “Mustopher Jones” style in this pic:

5:30PM Jan 3 |

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