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Behind-the-scenes look at Pamela’s earrings

2:36PM Apr 9 |

Pamela Rebecca Barnes wears a gorgeous pair of emerald earrings on tonight’s episode titled “Love & Family”. Over 31 carats of emeralds, priced at $160,000.


9:42PM Apr 8 |

We’re loving Nick’s Instagram post

3:02PM Apr 8 |

5 years!

2:31PM Apr 4 |

Surrounded by insane jewelry from Abellan New York, Takat, CliQ Jewelry, Gumuchian and The Argyle Diamond Collection today

4:31PM Apr 3 |

Check out his readers!

11:57AM Mar 29 |

Thank you to our amazing clients who have become family over the years. We are excited about the next 5 years!

11:53AM Mar 26 |

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