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Michael comments on Scarlett Johansson’s platinum engagement ring

6:58AM Sep 12 |
12:42PM Sep 9 |

Check out Nina’s Fashion Week essentials here on E! Online

4:39PM Sep 8 |

We’re honored to have Gotti Switzerland featured alongside such prestigious eyewear brands!

2:12PM Aug 28 |

Check out this month’s issue for the full story of Ted Baker “Just Kidding” eyewear by Tura Inc.

7:33AM Aug 22 |

Amazing day chatting about platinum jewelry with some of New York’s best entertainment, bridal, and jewelry editors

Catching up with Colin Cowie and the press

Amanda Tropila from Platinum Guild, Colin Cowie, Niki Ostin from PR Lab

7:28AM Aug 22 |

Check out her latest blog post

9:06AM Aug 16 |

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