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Soxfords Lifestyle Brand Showcases at NYNow Trade Show

Check out the super cool display! And, the NEW wool ties for fall!


2:04PM Aug 19 |
Gotti Switzerland Eyewear Display at Vision Expo East


2:27PM Mar 28 |
Gotti Switzerland launches new eyewear styles

Felix gave us a preview of the latest collection at Vision Expo West in Vegas. Amazing new colors and styles launching soon! Get ready.

11:13PM Oct 3 |
Catching up with our client Gotti Switzerland at Vision Expo East

Preview of the latest eyewear collection with designer Sven Gotti!


6:14PM Mar 17 |
Meeting with the top eyewear trade press at Vision Expo East in NY with our client Tura Inc.


6:08PM Mar 17 |
Movado watches featured in Lily Collins magazine photo shoot

A behind-the-scenes snap shot of some amazing vintage jewelry options

9:06AM Jan 27 |
John Lennon eyewear launch party, FNO, Vision Expo West trade show in Vegas, and Emmys prep

Busy and productive day!

11:10PM Sep 6 |

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