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Latest celebs in gotti switzerland eyewear

Tabatha Coffey, Marcia Gay Harden, Allison Janney, and Rex Lee sporting their new glasses.

11:40PM Feb 24 |
Chris Harrison wears gotti switzerland sunglasses to Grammy Awards

Style: Percy SLS

10:56AM Feb 13 |
Julie Benz in gotti switzerland sunglasses

Julie is wearing style Pepe in Gold

2:21PM Jan 14 |
Kathleen Robertson in gotti switzerland eyewear

What style do you like best on her? They all look amazing. She couldn’t decide….

2:14PM Jan 14 |
Minnie Driver in gotti switzerland eyewear

We met with the lovely Minnie today to preview gotti switzerland’s new eyewear collection.

10:08PM Jan 12 |
gotti switzerland -handcrafted eyewear

Surrounded by the latest eyewear styles from our client gotti switzerland. Yummy!

9:50AM Oct 26 |

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