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Jamie Anne Allman wearing Gotti Switzerland sunglasses

“The Killing” actress wears style FABIA LIL

4:00PM Jun 22 |
Chris Harrison wears Gotti Switzerland sunglasses on “Bachelor Pad”

Chris is wearing style Percy 360 GLS

4:48PM Jun 13 |
The Spicy Stiletto wears Gotti Switzerland sunglasses

Serena is wearing Fabia GLS from Gotti Switzerland

11:26PM Jun 6 |
Accessories Magazine lists Gotti Switzerland’s Spin&Stow Sunglasses as “Item of the Day”

Lots of buzz surrounding these special glasses

10:56AM Apr 17 |
Gotti Switzerland eyewear included in Women’s Wear Daily

New Spin&Stow technology is noted in a story about the hottest eyewear trends

9:09AM Apr 4 |
Eye Wear Glasses blog features Gotti Switzerland styles

Pics of the latest frames posted today.

10:12PM Apr 3 |
Chris Harrison spotted in Gotti Switzerland sunglasses

Chris wearing Gotti Switzerland’s Percy style in Yellow on the upcoming season of “The Bachelorette”

4:22AM Mar 21 |

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