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John Lennon eyewear launch party, FNO, Vision Expo West trade show in Vegas, and Emmys prep

Busy and productive day!

11:10PM Sep 6 |
Checking out the new eyewear styles from Gotti Switzerland

In Vegas at Vision Expo West

5:18PM Sep 6 |
Inside Weddings magazine features Michael M. jewelry and Gotti Switzerland sunglasses

Hot Celebrity Style…Check out the Fall 2012 issue

12:26PM Sep 3 |
Travel+Leisure magazine features Gotti Switzerland eyewear

The perfect shades to pack on a vaca!

9:38PM Aug 14 |
Eye Style Book chooses Gotti Switzerland eyewear as brand to watch

Fashion experts are loving Gotti’s “Spin & Stow” technology

12:37PM Aug 1 |
Blogger Taye Hansberry features Gotti Switzerland sunglasses

Love the pics on her site Stuff She Likes:

7:47AM Jul 31 |
Robb Report features Gotti Switzerland sunglasses

Style: Percy
Color: Yellow

11:45AM Jul 24 |

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